Apex Joinery specialise in the design, construction and installation of wooden doors in the Newport area of Wales. Our wooden doors are made-to-measure and designed to suit the individual tastes of our clients while complementing the unique characteristics of the interior or exterior building space. Customer satisfaction, a matter of paramount importance to us, can depend on the quality of communication between service providers and their clients which is why we encourage dialogue with our customers to ensure that the finished product meets their standards. We offer a range of quality, bespoke wooden doors that will be the perfect addition to a variety of commercial and residential properties.


Property owners in the city of Newport wishing to maintain the traditional aesthetics of historic buildings may be interested to learn that the professionals at Apex Joinery are adepts in the field of designing, building and installing wooden doors that are constructed to a traditional style. Traditional wooden doors can provide the perfect finishing touch to an old building and can help conserve an authentic look that could be compromised by more modern designs. Our team of experts are open to discussion with our clients about which doors will best suit the building and eager to transform the shared vision into a tangible reality.

wooden doors


Choosing a suitable wooden door to complement the aesthetic values of contemporary buildings can be challenging which is why expert assistance should be sought to match door design with building style. Apex Joinery’s team of dedicated, dependable experts possess the knowledge and skills to design, create and position a variety of wooden doors to suit the modern aesthetics of a range of buildings. Those seeking contemporary wooden doors in Newport should trust our proficient, reliable crew of professionals to provide the most appropriate design that will appeal to modern tastes.


French doors and bi-fold doors can complement a variety of exterior or interior building spaces and Apex Joinery’s band of specialists are adept at the planning, crafting and fitting of these products. Newport residents desiring French or bi-fold doors for a commercial or residential building can rely on our professional, reliable and client-led service to take the project from the drawing-board to a state of completion. Anyone wishing to inquire about french doors, bi-fold doors and other types of wooden door should contact us today.


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